The Stepdads of Galway on stage at The Winchester

Meet the Stepdads

The Stepdads of Galway are the musical incarnation of Last Call Cleveland. The boys gathered comedians from around the Cleveland area who knew at least three chords on a musical instrument. The search was long and arduous, but finally a semi-traditional mostly-Irish band was formed. Emerging from the lead Mike Polk Jr.'s back yard, the Stepdads would go on to play such beloved local music venues as the Grog Shop, The Winchester, and a parking lot on Detroit Avenue.

The Stepdads' setlist consists primarily of traditional Irish fare played on traditional instruments. The full band features guitar, mandolin, Irish whistle, accordion, banjo, and drums. The band is modular and can play with anywhere from two to eleven performers. Among the traditional tunes, the band likes to sprinkle in some popular modern songs done in a uniquely Stepdads way. Dancing has proven to be irresistable during a Stepdads of Galway show.